SMS count

Distributing a long SMS? Keep track on how many SMS you are actually distributing. 

Without Special (Unicode)

Characters: 1 SMS = 160 characters
2nd SMS = 153 characters + 153 characters = 306 characters.
If a 307th character is added, we’ll count it as 3rd SMS.

Once you pas 160 characters the system will let you know:


The system will also give you notice once the number of total SMS again is raised.


With Special (Unicode)

Characters: 1 SMS = 70 characters
2nd SMS = 67 characters + 67 characters = 134 Characters.
If 135th character is added, we’ll count it as 3 SMS.


Merging codes

If you use merging codes in your SMS the the count of characters will only we approximately as this depends on the length of what is merged.



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