Edit a contact ´s information in CRM

If your customer ask you to change their mobile number or email adress, or any other contact for that sake, you can easily do this in the platform

Go to "Contacts" on top meny and search you customers name, mobile og email in the search field. Remember to choose the right field type to search for by choosing it from the drop down meny.


Open the customer card by clicking on the edit icon




Edit the customer information as wished



Click "Save and next". If you are done editing click "Close". There are five different tabs to edit.

1. Basic information: Name, mobile and email and optin status. Off course we do not recommend to manually edit optin status. According to legislation customer should administrate their own consents

2. Select image: Do you have images on you customer, this is where to add it

3. Contact detail: Company, adresses etc

4. Ext info: All information on custumer added in extinfo fields

5. Groups: Overview of the groups the specific customer is a member of. Here you also change or add customer to different group




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