Google Analytics - How to connect your google analytics account with Targeteveryone



Why integrate google analytics with Targeteveryone platform? 


Google Analytics is a reliable source used all over the world to track and analyze website visitors` demographic and behavioral interactions-based reports by many marketing experts and developers consistently all over the world. 

We believe it`s a good idea if we could help you to leverage it`s potential in solving your statistical requirements and it`ll interesting to see the live reports in real time against your campaign landing pages. So, we suggest if you are not using it yet – give it a try!


How to integrate your google analytics account with your campaign


Step 1. Log in to you TargetEveryone account, open the "account settings" and click on "campaign settings"






Step 2.  Click on  "Select Campaign" drop down list and choose your campaign






Step 3. Add your Google Analytics ID and press "save".  You have now successfully integrated your campaign with your google analytics account.  

 If required you can also apply it to all your campaigns in one go – simply by checking in the "Apply to all campaigns" option while saving.







How to find your Google analytics ID


To be able to find your Google Analytics ID you need to have an active Google Analytics account to setup the "Tracking ID" to be used to integrate with your campaign landing pages within TargetEveryone.

If you do not have a Google Analytics account, learn how to setup a Google Analytics account here:


Google Analytics Tracking ID is the code that let Google Analytics recognize the source (this would be your campaign landing page in this case) to extract all valuable insights about your target audience behavior and demographic details.





Learn how to setup a Google Analytics Tracking ID:


How to find  "Google Analytics Tracking ID` within Google Analytics interface:


Step 1. Go to Admin:




Step 2. Click on the "Property Settings" option




Step 3. You will see your "Google Analytics Tracking ID" under Basic settings





If you wonder why it is a good idea to implement this? Read this 


Find out what statistics and graphs you can access by implementing GA ID on your TargetEveryone campaigns here


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