Google Analytics ID - where and how to implement

Log in to you TargetEveryone account


Open the "Account Settings" dropdown menu 


Click on "Campaign Settings" option


Select the campaign for which you want to set up "Google Analytics" based tracking, add the Google Analytics ID and Save it.


Follow the steps below to get it right:

Step 1: Select campaign


Click on the "Select Campaign" dropdown list and choose the campaign


Step 2: Add the Google Analytics ID


Type-in or paste the Google Analytics Tracking ID here


Step 3: Save it


Click on the "Save" button and you will see the success message popup confirming that it`s done.


If required you can also apply it to all your campaigns in one go – simply by checking in the "Apply to all campaigns" option while saving.

In case if you have trouble finding or adding your Google Analytics ID, please feel free to send an email to with subject line "Google Analytics ID Setup". We are happy to help you!

Read where you find you Google Analytics ID here 









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