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Now, that you have saved the Google Analytics id against your campaign go ahead and distribute it to your target audience. After distribution is done you can login to your Google Analytics account to view it`s relevant reports.

Lets look at 5 different reports you can analyze within Google Analytics.

1. Real Time Reports
Real Time Reports are basically the "live reports" that Google is tracking for us in real time. So, you can monitor your target recipients` interaction activity seconds after it occurs. These reports are updated continuously so, you can expect alterations in the same every other second.

Step 1 : Open the "Real Time" Reports menu
After login to your Google Analytics account click on the "Real time" Reports menu


Step 2:  Open the "Overview" reports
Now, open the "Overview" option to monitor your distributed campaign`s live page views and from what location in real time.

In this example below you can see your campaign link have 5 page views at the moment. You can further drill-down into more details just by clicking on it.






After the real time activity have stopped displaying information for your distributed campaign you can always access the related reports from Behavior > Site Content > All Pages against your selected time duration.

Step 1: Open the Behavior Reports
Open the "Behavior Reports" menu and click on the "All Pages" option here you will find all the reports related to your landing pages.

Step 2: Alter the time duration (if required)
Alter the `Time Duration` settings to see most relevant data reports like weekly or monthly reports and accordingly your required statistics will appear.



2. Audience Reports

This section within Google Analytics involves information related to your landing page visitors` behavior, demographics, interests, accessibility sources (browsers, devices, etc.) and quite useful option & information including Benchmarking and User Flow.

If you want to find out more about Google Analytics "Audience Reports", read this og watch this video.


3. Aquisition Reports

Here you can find Traffic acquisition related reports inclusive of all sources (both paid and unpaid like AdWords, Social, Search Engine based) regarding all your integrated traffic sources/platforms.


If you want to fin out more about Google Analytics "Acquisition Reports", we recommend this article, or this video.

4. Behavior report

Behavior Reports are comprised of all important information about your target audience/web page visitors like unique page views, how much time they are spending on your landing pages, what is their interaction/behavior flow, loading speed, search, events, publisher etc.

Find out more about Google Analytics "Behavior Reports" here or watch this illustrating video.

5. Conversion Reports

This is one of the most influential reporting section within Google Analytics specially for marketers; if done right you can acquire many effective reports directly impacting your ROI strategies for future.

Read this article if you want to find out more about Google Analytics "Behavior Reports". 

It is also enlightning to watch this










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