New Terms of services - acceptance required


To be able to use your TargetEveryone account further on, you are obligated to accept the new user terms of service that are published on the platform these days.

If you are the owner of the main account you are the one who are responsible to accept the new user terms of service.

When you enter your account this notification will appear on your screen:


To be able to accept, it is obligated to read and scroll down to the "accept". The "accept" button will appear on the bottom of the page:


If you press "cancel" you will automatically be logged out and are not able to enter your account. The acceptance of the user terms of service is required to continue to use your TargetEveryone account.

If one of you operator user logs into the account before you they will have to send a notification to you to remind you to accept the new terms of service. An email will be sent to your email, asking you to accept new user terms of service, so that your operator user can continue to log in to TargetEveryone account.


If you are an operator user of a main account, you will also get a notification when you log into your account. As an operator user you are not able to accept the "Terms of service" since this responsibility lies with the main user.

When you, as an operator user, log into your TargetEveryone account this notification will appear on your screen, scroll all the way down:


If you press "Cancel" you are automatically logged out of your account. If you press "Post to admin" a notification will be sent to the owner of the main account. The main user is required to accept the terms of service to be able to continue to use the TargetEveryone account.

When you have posted to admin a reciept will appear on your screen:


When you post this to the main user of the TargetEveryone account, the user will receive an email asking him/her to accept new user terms of service. Once this is done, you will receive an email saying: "The Admin of your account at TargetEveryOne has accepted the Terms. You can start using TargetEveryOne now"

Your TargetEveryone account is now ready to be continuously used.


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