Onboarding step 4 - Create your first mobile landingpage

After importing your contacts you can start creating your first mobile landing page. 

Under Campaigns choose Create Campaign. 

On the left side you will find all the widgets. 

On the right side is the functions behind each image - Style and Effects.

In the midle of the page you will find the work area.

You start by drag and dropping the widgets you desire. For a complete overview of each widget click here.

We recommend starting with a spacer. This is because the webpage URL will cover the top of the mobile landing page before the recipient start scrolling on the page. 

Then we would recommend you to add your logo. This makes the recipient immediately see who is the sender of the campaign. 

We would recommend to add a spacer between each widget you are adding to create space. Between 5-15px is nice for a normal space. 

Add an image and a call to action button to show the message in your campaign. You can add as many widgets you want, but we recommend to imagine for how long your contacts will scroll down your page - and always add the most important part of your message on top of the campaign. 

When you have added all your desired widgets you click on the Save Campaign & Distribute it button. You will not distribute the campaign just yet, but you will be taken to different options for distribution or to go back to the campaign page. 

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