Widget: Workflow

The Workflow widget is a "delay" widget. The purpose of this widget is to delay a campaign. If you want to distribute a customer survey, but the customer should not get the survey until 30 minutes later this is the function you should use. You create it like a button, and decide what template should be connected to the button (this will be delayed). To this template you can connect the survey, or a different campaign with a coupon etc.

To see how to create the different templates click here:

SMS template

Email template

Push notification


Add button text, Template type (SMS, email or Push notification), select a template and set a delay for it to come (up to 360 minutes /6 hours). Then you select the success page that will come when clicking on the button. This could be a campaign or a web form. 


Set your style and effects for the button looks, and finish by clicking on the green save button. Finish the campaign by clicking on the Save Campaign and Distribute it. 

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