Widget: One Click - NORWAY ONLY

What is a One Click widget?

The one click widget is only visible for our Norwegian customers. This widget let you handle payment through one click. It is Strex who are handling the payment it self, and TargetEveryone is only giving the opportunity to charge (TargetEveryone don't handle any of the money). Strex is a bank-independent payment solution owned by Telenor, Telia and ice.net. Click here to read more about Strex.


Start by clicking on the widget and then Create One Click Payment. First you have to add you Strex Merchant ID and password. If you dont have one you can apply here.

Then you decide the text that will show when contacts are using 3G/4G, and what will show if they are using WiFi. You also create the confirmation text for SMS for when device is using WiFi. When the contact is using WiFi it is not connected to the mobile number and we do not know who it is, that is why we need to send them a SMS for confirmation. Under Reply SMS text you write the text that the contact will need to reply. If the confirmation is "Confirm with YES" then the reply SMS text will be "YES". 

You write the payment amount in NOK and the text that will be printed on the mobile invoice. 

The you add the Strex Business Model Category and the Strex Service Code. If you are not sure what category is correct for your business send a email to kundeservice@strex.no.

You will have to create two separate mobile landing pages for when the payment is a success and for when it is failed. After creating them, you add them here. 

You can choose if you want to use the Strex image, or just a regular button. When done, click on the green Save button.

 Under Style and effects you can set the font settings and sizes. Try and see what is best for your campaign. Finish by saving at the green Save Changes button, and Save Campaign and distribute it. 

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