Distribute: SMS


Choose the SMS Sender Name – who is the sender of the SMS.

Choose distribution type – you can choose between campaign and webform. 

Then you choose what campaign you want to send - since we went straight from creating to distribution the one we just created is listed first in the drop down menu.

Then you choose to have a Unique URL – unique makes it possible to track everything about the campaign.

You can choose if the URL link is going to be a Bitly-link or if it should be adjusted to your company name. If you want to customize it, please contact us and we will fix this.

Then you write the SMS message. To merge in a name or anything from the CRM system see Merging Codes.


Then you choose when you want the SMS to be sent. 

If you want to schedule it for later you set the time here. Remember to check of for send later in the radio button. 


We recommend to send yourself a TEST message to see what the SMS will look like. Send it also to others in the company to see that it all looks like you want it to and that there are no spelling mistakes. 


In the end you choose Distribute Campaign. Be sure that everything is correct before distributing, after hitting the distribution button there is no way back!

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