Import contacts - excel file



How to import your contacts from a excel file


Step 1. To import your contacts from a file you click on contacts, and then you choose Add Contact.






Step 2. Click on "Import contact".



Step 3. Select what group you want the contacts to be added to.




Step 4. Download the excel template, where you can add the contact info.




How to prepare your excel file


This is what the excel template will look like. There are pre filled two examples in the sheet.

NOTE: It is important that the fields in the headings are correct, if they are wrong your import will fail.



Add contact information to the fields in the excel template. You can copy from another excel or your system for CRM. The field for mobile number and/or email are mandatory. Remember to always fill in the country code.




Upload the file, and click on Import. The import will usually happen in a few seconds, but it depends on how many contacts you are importing. If its taking longer than 30 minutes, please contact us.



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