How to create Opt-out form


What is an Opt-Out form?

The opt-out form will give your contacts the opportunity to opt-out or update their contact information. In emails you will need an opt-out form in your footer, you will not be able to distribute your email without it (not even save it).

The footer with opt-out form (unsubscribe link) will reduce chances of your emails ending up in the spam filter. We also recommend using a footer in the mobile landing page. 






How to create Opt-out form 


Step 1. Click on  "Template settings" and select "Opt-Out template" icon.





Step 2.  Click on "Add a field" to add the fields you want in your form. We recommend using the fields that contains contact information in your CRM database in TargetEveryone. Then your contacts can see what information is registered on them and they can update/delete information. 






Step 3. Under the field settings you can change the field label, or remove the field. 







Step 3. Under form settings you can create a "form name" that will only be visible for you. You can add your logo on top of the form by clicking "pick file".






Step 4. You can add an image to the form. We would recommend to add a URL-link to your Image.







Step 5. Write the top header text, and change the background to match your company's design






Step 6. Create a Title for the form and change font, header background color and font size as you like.





Step 7. Create the text you want to describe the form, and use desired font, size and color.






Step 8. Create the button for searching, and decide the text and font, size and color.





Step 9. Create the Subscriber Options Label. Add color, font and text that suits your form.





Step 10. Add the top section label:




Now you add all the text to Subscriber Options. We have created a proposition to a text to all the fields, but create it to match your company.





When you are done with the form, click on the green "Save" Button. You can now click on the "view" text in the pop up to get a preview of the opt-out form. 






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