What is a Footer?

A Footer can be used to organize your site navigation and information at the end of the mobile landing page. This is where the user will look once they have finished scrolling through the mobile landing page or are looking foradditional information about your brand. The footer should also contain a link for subscriber options so that your contact can be able to change their information or opt-out of the system. 


How to use:

Alter your campaign footer by entering one of following details:

a. Default
It will show the default ‘TargetEveryOne brand- ed footer’ along with Subscription options for handling opt-outs.
b. None
When you don’t need any Footer displayed below your Campaign body.
c. Custom
Here you can use your own branded customized Footer by altering the text and adding your logo/icon/image. And in case you have saved your own ‘Opt-out’ forms then simply remove TEO subscriber options and select one of those.

Finish by clicking on the red Save button. 

International clients


There is a footer function in the mobile campaign creator, but for international clients it is a bit limited. Therefore we recommend our international clients to simply use a text widget and add a link to a subscriber options form. Just write the text you want, then click on the sign for adding a link, and then add the link to your subscriber options form. To see where you get the link and to create a custom form clichere.






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