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What is a Footer widget?


This widget will allow you to add a pre-defined footer below your email campaign like copyright details, terms, or subscriber opt-out options etc.





How to use - 3 Steps to follow:


Step - 1 Step - 2  Step - 3
Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.33.11.png Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.33.21.png  Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.14.18.png


Step - 1

To add the Footer widget click on it and it will appear in the ‘WORKAREA’


Step - 2

Right-click on the added Foote widget and click on ‘Edit’ to open up its setting properties.


a. Footer – Settings

You can easily edit the default footer text here.


b. Footer – Style

Here you can play with the footer background color and select any of the available ‘Subscriber options’ for the opt-out.

Note: for creating new Subscriber Option template see article here.


Step - 3

Finally, to make every above alteration visible and applied to your campaign you need to save the altered settings by clicking on the red ‘Save’ button.



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