Widget: Divider


What is a Divider widget?

You can use this widget to add a simple divider line in before or after your added widgets.





How to use - 3 Steps to follow:


Step - 1 Step - 2  Step - 3
Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.28.33.png Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.28.41.png  Screen_Shot_2018-06-01_at_10.14.18.png


Step - 1

To add the Divider widget click on it and it will appear in the ‘WORKAREA’


Step - 2

Right-Click on the added divider widget and click on ‘Edit’ option to open up its setting properties.


a. Divider – Settings

No settings are available here as of now.


b. Divider – Style

Play around the divider widget’s Background color, divider line (style, size & color) settings here. Additionally, keep ‘Edge To Edge’ option checked if you want your added Divider widget to stick to the campaign page border area as per its placement leaving no space in-between.


Step - 3

Finally, to make every above alteration visible and applied to your campaign you need to save the altered settings by clicking on the red ‘Save’ button.



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