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What is a Sign up widget?


Sign up widget will let you easily embed a signup form within your landing page. A great tool to increase your contact database. 






How to add a sign up widget



Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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step 1. To add the sign up widget either click on it or simply drag-n-drop it to the 'WORKAREA'.

Step 2. Customization involves following two sections:
Add sign up info fields that you want your customers to fill-in like their First Name, Mobile Number, Email Id etc to complete their registration.
Also it is recommended for you to validate if it's a single Opt-in or a double Opt-in sign up as all the information collected via this widget will be saved & updated within your CRM contact list.
If required you can also add the 'Terms of usage acceptance' checkbox in your sign up form. Further add a legal permission approval Opt-in checkbox for acquiring future promotional communication permissions. Now, give it a finishing touch by adding a 'Thank you' message or URL that your customers will see right after submitting their sign up forms. And in case you want to receive a copy of this form via email enter the required contact info after clicking on the 'Receive a Copy of Form' button.
Here, you can customize the font - type, background color & transparency of the Submit button; text - font, size & color and; the alignment, margin & padding of this widget. 
Step 3. Finally, click on the green 'Save Changes' button to save it in your mobile landing page campaign.
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