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What is a Survey widget?

You may use the Survey widget to help you to gather feedback & responses of your target audience. (Note: within this widget the Name & Email entry fields are set mandatory by default).


How to use - 3 Steps to follow:

Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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Step - 1

To add Survey widget either click on it or drag-n-drop it to the 'WORKAREA'.


Step - 2

Customization involves following two sections:

a. Survey - SETINGS

Here you can add the Questions and Responses that you want your target users to answer.

b. Survey Success Message settings

You have three Success message settings:
b.i. Survey Message:
Here you can simply enter textual Success message like ‘Thanks for submitting your responses’.


b.ii. Add link with http:// or https:// only

Add a URL address here in case you want to redirect your recipients to specific landing page after submitting their survey responses.


Or you can simply select one of your previously create cam- paign that you want to show right after your recipients submit their survey responses.

c. Name and Email Mandatory Option

Here you can either set your survey widget with or without a mandatory to fill ‘Name and Email fields’. Keep it checked if you want your recipient to fill in their Name and Email details while submitting survey responses.

b. Survey - STYLE & EFFECTS

Here, you can customize the Font settings, color, and type of Text & submit button.


Step - 3 

Finally, save your Survey widget within your campaign by clicking on the 'Save Changes' green button.

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