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What is a Button widget?

Button widget is used to add hyperlinked call-to-action buttons within your email campaign to drive your recipients towards your specific conversion goals like ‘Buy now’, ‘Free trial sign-up’ buttons, ‘Download’ buttons, ‘Learn more’ buttons etc.

Button widget will respond in-accordance with every ‘on-click action’ of your target audience and lead them towards your desired actions that you want them to take






How to use - 3 Steps to follow:


Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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Step - 1

To add the button widget click on it and it will appear in the ‘WORKAREA’


Step - 2

Right-Click on the added button widget and click on ‘Edit’ option to open up its setting properties.


a. Button – Settings

a.i. Button Text
Rename your Button ‘Label/Title’ here.

a.ii. Button Width
Select and see which ‘button width’ option fits well in your campaign idea.

a.iii. Hyper link details
To make your added button clickable you need to fill in either of the following on-click hyperlink details:

a.iii.i. Link To
Select either ‘web address’ or ‘email address’ from here to set your added button’s on-click action.

a.iii.i.a) Web Address
Enter landing page hyperlink address (http:// ) here; where you want your campaign viewers to land after clicking on this button.

a.iii.i.b) Email Address
If you want over on-click action on this button your email recipient(s) will send an email to some particular email id then go for this option.

a.iii.ii. Button Address
Enter the hyperlinking address here either the URL (if Web Address is chosen above) or mail to id (in case Email Address is selected within above ‘Link To’ section)

b. Button – Style

Under ‘Style’ properties customize the look-n-feel of your button as added via button widget.

b.i. Background Color
Alter the color of your added button here.

b.ii. Font Color
Alter the button Label/Title font color here.

b.iii. Border (size)
Alter the button border width here

b.iv. Border style
Alter the style of button border here like dashed, dotted, ridge or keep it solid.

b.v. Transparent
Adjust the transparency of your added button widget here.

b.vi. Text Decoration
Select either of the available text decorations if you want to pour more impact via your button text.

b.vii. Widget Position
Play around with the button’s placement alignment here.

b.viii. Font Family
Alter the button Label/Text font here.

b.ix. Font Size/
Resize button Label/title’s font size here.

b.x. Font Weight
Keep the button Title/Label text normal or make it strong (bold).

b.xi. Border Rounded
Adjust the button edge’s roundness here.

b.xii. Padding
Alter the padding space left at the top and bottom of button Label/title text.

b.xiii. Edge To Edge
Check this option if you want your button to stick to the cam- paign page border area as per its placement leaving no space in-between.

Step - 3 

Finally, to make your every alteration visible and applied to your campaign you need to save the altered settings by clicking on the red ‘Save’ button.

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