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What is a Coupon widget?

Coupon widget can be used to add your coupon offers that your customers can redeem at your service stations or selling points. 


How to use - 3 Steps to follow:

Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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Step - 1

To add this widget either click on it or drag-n-drop it to the 'WORKAREA'.


Step - 2

Customization involve two options:

a. Coupon - SETTINGS

Here, you can add multiple coupon images of your offerings like one plus one free, buy 2 at a discount of 50% etc. Upload the coupon images using ‘Pick File’ option & alter the ‘redeem button’s text label fields as you want your users to see corresponding to their coupon’s redemption stage & actions like:
a.i. Before they redeem it (user can redeem the coupon by simply clicking on the Redeem Coupon button)
a.ii. After they redeem it &
a.iii. When they try to redeem an already redeemed coupon.

b. Checkboxes containing – ‘Display settings’

These checkboxes will let you further improvise your coupon display settings like having them displayed vertically or show them within two columns etc. Play around these options and see the impact within your campaign landing page coupon display layout.

c. Arrange Coupon Images

Here you can arrange your uploaded coupon images order to further control which coupon you want to display first and which one will come next.

b. Coupon - STYLE & EFFECTS

Under this section you can customize the font type & size options, background color of Redeem Coupon button; and the size, alignment and margin & padding settings of the Coupon widget.

Step - 3 

Finally, click on the green 'Save Changes' button to save it in your mobile landing page campaign.

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