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What is a Social widget?

Social widget will let you add your social profile and pages links within your mobile campaign page so to establish more humane connection with your target audience. It will not only grow your social connections (fans & followers) but also help your potential customers to know more about you and your offerings. 


How to use - 3 Steps to follow:

Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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Step - 1

To add Social widget either click on it or simply drag-n-drop it to the 'WORKAREA'.


Step - 2

Under customization you have two options:

Under step two you need to define the Social Widget's main settings under Social - SETTINGS section.
Here, you can alter the title of this widget and enter your social profile URLs (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Tumblr, Instagram) or other social links like 'Facebook like page URL', 'Facebook Share URL', 'Tweet' or 'GooglePlus share URL' details within their corresponding input fields.

Step - 3 

Finally, to add these links within your mobile landing page click on the 'Save Changes' green button.

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