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What is a Text widget?

This widget is mainly used to add textual content within your landing page like headings, sub-headings, sales pitch lines etc.


How to use - 3 Steps to follow:

Step - 1 Step - 2 Step - 3
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Step - 1

To add the text widget either click on it or simply drag-n-drop it to the 'WORKAREA'.


Step - 2

As you add a text widget to the work area the 'text editor' window will pop up and here you can easily enter the text and alter its style and formatting values. As your required text is ready simply click on red 'Ok' button.

Note: Now, you can easily personalize your text message like Hi ‘First Name’ here is a customized deal for ‘your Region’. Simply, by using the ‘Hashtags’; in this case you will add a text within text widget as:
Hi [firstname] here is a customized deal for [CITY]
As your recipients’ will open your campaign these hashtags will get auto-filled with their corresponding pre-saved TEO CRM Contact details.
For the list of hashtags that you may use within TEXT WIDGET see: Merging Code

Step - 3

Finally, to save it in your campaign click on the 'Save Changes' green button.

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