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Before you can set the design on you web form, you need to enter an existing web template or make a new one from scratch. Remember, you always have to add fields to the web form before you can set the design.


When the fields are added, choose "Form Settings" to make the design on the Web Form.

Here you can add a name for the form, that will make it easier to find it later.

Then you insert the title. You will at all time see the preview of the form on the right side.






Fill in all the fields that you want in the form, and change colors and fonts as you like. You can also add a logo on the top of the form by adding a Header Logo Image.






Further down you can choose if the recipients are to be added in a new or an existing group.

Then you choose if you want single or double Opt-In.

We also recommend to add a header logo link, if the respondents click on the logo, they are sent to your company website. 

Insert the Submit button text.

You can also add Terms & Conditions, which is required if the  web form is used to sign up new members.

Insert the heading of the Terms & Conditions. In the field “Terms and Conditions Content” you paste the Terms & Conditions of your company. 






"Captcha" is a safety box to separate humans and computers. If you choose this, it will be a box showing a mix of numbers and letters displayed at the bottom of the form. The recipients will have to complete the captcha to register.

Create a "Thank You Message" that will pop up after the recipients choose to register.

You should also insert text in the "Checkbox Validation Messages". This is the text that appears if the recipient have not filled out the form correctly

Remember to save the form by clicking on the green "Save Form" button






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