E-mail analytics - see the results of your campaign

 Hold the curser over "Analytics" part of the top menu. Choose "Email Analytics".



Once you have entered the "email analytics" the first page in the "Statistics overview" page. This page shows all email sendings from your account, both promotional and transactional emails. Be aware that you have to fill in from-date and to-date in order to look at statistics for correct period. Click on the date field and insert the dates you wish to look at.



To see the statistics for one specific sending, go to "Campaign" in the left menu. This page will give you all statistics for you campaign. Here you will find all campaigns created in the platform. Remember to name the campaigns in a way that makes it easy for you to find back to it.

Under "Campaigns" you will find the campaign names of your campaigns. Under "Subject", the sentences you have entered in the subject field when distributing your campaigns. "Custom_Unsubscribe_url" is the opt out template linked to the email. 

Press "Action" to enter the specific campaign statistics. 




In this page you will find you campaign KPI´s. The statistics shows the total result from the distribution time, therefore is is called "Campaign Status" (1).

Field (2) shows the campaign name.

Delivered emails (3) are the amount of emails actually delivered in email inboxes.

Unique opens (4) shows how many that have opened your campaign. Unique clicks (5) gives you an overview of the total number of unique clicks of the campaign.


Under the "Campaign Details" you will find information on how many, and what linkes the recipients have clicked on. The subject line (6) is still the same sentences you entered in the subject field during distribution, and the opt out form is shown under "Unsubscribe link".

In this image "Hit Count" is marked blue, this is where you can see what links that have had the most clicks in your email. The amount is shown under Count (7). 


Under "Click Details" you will find who actually clicked your links.


For all campaigns it is important to monitor distribution details and especially bounces and spam report that can affect your account reputation. It is also important to follow the number of unsubscribes of every campaign to make sure your recipients are still interested in your message.


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