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What if I want to Export just few selected contacts from my Contacts list instead of all the contacts? How can I do that?
Yes, that’s possible too. You just need to select the particular contacts you want to export using the check box options visible for each contact in the list. And then click on the ‘Export to Excel’ button available at the action buttons menu above.
How can I export my contacts list? Is it possible?
You can export all your contacts with a single click from Contacts module. Under the ‘All Contacts’ link at the left hand side panel, there is an ‘Excel’ icon for exporting all the contacts in a single go. A download link will be sent to your registered email address for downloading the exported contacts in Excel file format.
Can I edit/rename the Ext Info column headers in the sheet? Or can it be done after the sheet is imported?
You can’t edit the Ext info column headers in the sheet as it will result in ‘Invalid Column Header’ error while importing the sheet. But yes, you can rename all the Ext Info columns in the Contacts Module as per your choice. This can be done at Manage > Ext Info Labels option.
What are Ext Info fields in the Excel sheet and what sort of data we can insert in it?
Ext Info means - Extra Information about the contacts. So you can enter whatever data you want in these fields. Once the contact sheet is imported, all the data-values will be visible to you in the CRM list.
Other than Excel Template, is there any other way through which I can import contacts?
Yes, you can import your Gmail and Hotmail contacts too in CRM. A login pop up opens up for you and once you have successfully logged into your email, it picks up all the contacts from your address book. You can select the ones you want to import and it’s done!
Can I use my own customised Excel sheet to import contacts in the System?
No, current import functionality doesn’t allow use of any other Excel sheet format to be used for importing contacts. You MUST use the Excel Template we have provided for importing contacts.
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