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Can I get some custom widgets for my account? I want to do something special
Yes, you can. If you have any suggestions and ideas, for new widgets that will further enhance the efficiency and user friendliness of TEO, as well as leverage your own business needs, then do get in touch with our support team at support@targeteveryone.com. We will try our best to accommodate you and implement suggestions that are feasible and innovative.
Can I reuse a campaign again which has already expired?
Yes you can use the same campaign again even when it crosses its expiry date and is watermarked by using the “Make Copy”button on the My Campaigns page. This will create a duplicate campaign from the same campaign with all the widgets you have saved earlier. You can edit them if you need to or use it as it is, your choice, and then distribute it again by following the same process you followed by removing the watermark.
What is a widget?
It’s a small application which can be executed and installed in a web page to do certain tasks useful for the end user. A Widget is a control that you simply drag and drop onto your page. You can then configure the widget settings to fit your needs. Targeteveryone has a huge portfolio of widgets to design your campaigns.
What does ‘Start’ and ‘End’ dates mean in Watermark removal window?
Whenever you remove watermark from a campaign, you select a Start and End dates for it. Suppose you are going to offer a discount to your customers for a week or 15 days only on a future date. In this case, you can set a Start date and End dates keeping in mind the start and end dates of your discount offer. Now, the watermark text set by you will be visible before the Start date as well as after the End date is crossed. Which means that your campaign will be active only on the dates you have set and will expire after that.
Why is there a watermark on the campaign I just created? Will this be visible to my customers too when I distribute it to them?
Watermarks are visible by default in all the campaigns you create in your account. Your campaign credits are deducted only when you remove the watermark from a campaign.

Yes, it will be visible to your customers too if you distribute the campaign without removing the watermark. So it’s always better to remove the watermark first and then distribute your campaign.

What does “Never End” means in Watermark Removal?
When you select the ‘Never End’ check box while removing the watermark from your campaign then there is no End date of your campaign. It remains active forever. You can use and reuse this campaign whenever you want to plus your customer will be able to view it at any date and time in future.
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