Introduction to analytics



 Analytic module

Welcome to TargetEveryone's Analysis System. Here you can analyze the results of your campaigns using many different features.

It consists of 4 main parts that we will refer to in the guide.

  1. The Menu bar
  2. Filtering column with KPIs (performance indicators)
  3. Campaign selection
  4. Results





General navigation

1. TEO Analytics ‘General Tab’ includes an overall overview statistics:




included –
Remember to select Campaign first from ‘Select Campaign’ drop-down and then specify the time period – the Start and End dates. You can further alter the ‘Chart’ and ‘Hit’ type values if required.
1. Campaign Accessed
– total hits received on distributed campaigns via mobile web and desktop web browsers.
2. Device Detection
– the devices used to access your campaigns (smartphones, desktop browsers etc)
3. GEO Country
– It shows the number of unique hits your campaign has received from a particular country or region.

4. Click-through rate SMS– the ratio of users who click on the campaign link to the number of total sms delivered. (clicks/impression = CTR X 100)

5. Click-through rate Email– the ratio of unique users who have opened the email campaign to the total emails delivered. (unique user refers to a single user’s multiple hits over identified device recorded as a single entry)

6. Compare Click-through rate– here you can compare any campaign’s email click-through-rate vs sms click-through-rate.

7. Mobile App Distribution– the number of campaigns distributed via mobile app.

8. Total statistics– will count every hit each time campaign link/email is opened.





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