Change your account login email address

The email address you first use to register for your account is the primary way TargetEveryone identifies you as the owner of a particular TargetEveryone account. Use this email address to log in to TargetEveryone.

The account login email is set as a system value identifying your account and aren't meant to be changed. They are used for internal system processes in addition to identifying your account.

The only way to change the account owners e-mail address is to contact TargetEveryone:

  1. Create a support ticket
  2. In the explanation box, write out your current account login email and your new requested account login email. Do NOT include passwords.
  3. Indicate whether you've access to your current account email or not. 
  4. Indicate whether you've ever had a prepaid or invoice based subscription to TargetEveryone. If you have, attach a payment receipt / Invoice for that subscription. 
  5. Submit your ticket


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