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Welcome to TargetEveryone’s CRM Module user interface to create and manage the - Dynamic Groups. By using dynamic groups, you can create multiple contact segmentation`s that automatically updates as per your pre-defined filtering parameters.


Below you see the CRM Module. It consists of 3 main sections that we will refers to in the following guide:

  1. Main Action Bar
  2. Filtering & Sorting Panel
  3. The Grid displaying contacts



1. How to access Dynamic Group settings?


Step 1. Log in to your TEO Account – click on the top ‘Contacts’ Menu.




Step 2. To create a new ‘Dynamic Group’, open up the ‘Manage’ Drop down menu placed within Step 2.the top ‘Main Action Bar’  and select ‘Dynamic Group’.




 And select ‘Dynamic Group’.




2. Understanding the Dynamic Group popup interface


Within this Dynamic Group popup 

The main component is ‘Field’-> it is comprised of contacts related database variables (the one you see as column headers above the contacts grid).




Then you will find ‘Operator’is the filter that you can choose to set your desired criteria of your dynamic group.




The last is container is for ‘Value’– where you validate your ‘Operator’ by giving it a defined parameter to follow called ‘value’.





3. Let’s start creating a new Dynamic Group


Set filters- Following the case as mentioned within above example:

  • Create the first filtering criteria:
    • Select ’Country’ = within the Field drop-down
    • Choose ‘Equals to’ = within the Operator
    • And Enter ‘Norway’ = within the Value entry field


Now, click on the green ‘Run Query’ button (to see how many among the current contacts matches the current criteria)




Click on grey ‘Add’ button to add the second filter and specify the following parameters:

  • Select ‘Gender’ = within the Filed name
  • Choose ‘Equals to’ = as Operator &
  • Enter ‘Female’ = as Value


Again a ‘Run Query’ (by clicking on the green ‘Run Query’ button)




We have filtered out all the females from Norway now, let’s add the relationship filter now (click on the grey Add button and fill the following details)


  • Select ‘Relationship’ = within the Field dropdown
  • Choose ‘Equals to’ = as Operator &
  • Enter ‘Married’ = within Value entry field


Hit green ‘Run Query’ button to filter out the current contacts list




We are almost done – let’s add the last filter that is to exclude females from ‘Vadsø’ (click on the grey Add button and fill the following details)


  • Select ‘Region/State’ = within the Field dropdown
  • Choose ‘Not Equals to’ = as Operator &
  • Enter ‘Vadsø’ = within Value entry field


Finally, run the query (by clicking on the green ‘Run Query’ button’)to find out how many current contacts matches with your all above defined filters.





Save all above filters as new Dynamic group

  • Enter your dynamic group name within ‘Group Name’ entry field and finally





Click on the red ‘Save As New Dynamic Group’ button to save it.






The Dynamic Group is created with your specified name see within the ‘Filtering and Sorting’ panel under Dynamic Groups segment.






The same way you can create any number of Dynamic groups as per your pre-defined parameters. Here, in this example we have 16 contacts filtered out as per ‘Spring Sale – Female – 1’ Dynamic group filters. As any new contact(s) will be added within your TEO account satisfying these filters it will automatically added to this group. Likewise, if any current contact among these filter-out results will get updated and no longer satisfy these all filters it will be removed from this group.





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